Our Staff

Our Staff

  • Worship Experiences:

    Sundays 9am & 11am

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  • Pastoral Staff
  • Keith Robinson

    Keith Robinson, Lead Pastor

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  • josh_engler100x
    Josh Engler, Worship Pastor

    Click here to e-mail  (joshenglerat1betheldotcom)  

  • David Schwambach

    David Schwambach, Family Pastor

    Click here to e-mail  (davidschwambachat1betheldotcom)  
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  • Chuck Elliott

    Chuck Elliott, Connections Pastor

    Click here to e-mail  (chuckelliottat1betheldotcom)  
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  • Chris Chaudoin

    Chris Chaudoin, Student Ministry Pastor

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  • Divisional Staff
  • James Helm

    James Helm, Associate Director Student Ministry

    Click here to e-mail  (jameshelmat1betheldotcom)  

  • Kyle Mayo

    Kyle Mayo, KIDZ Intern

  • Administrative Staff
  • Kathy White

    Kathy White, Office Manager

    Click here to e-mail  (kathywhiteat1betheldotcom)  

  • Reta Glover

    Reta Glover, Accounting

    Click here to e-mail  (retagloverat1betheldotcom)  

  • Ken Glover

    Ken Glover, Data Processing Manager

    Click here to e-mail  (kengloverat1betheldotcom)  

  • Linda Edwards

    Linda Edwards, Accounting

    Click here to e-mail  (lindaedwardsat1betheldotcom)  

  • Norma Todd

    Norma Todd, Receptionist

    Click here to e-mail  (normatoddat1betheldotcom)  

  • Kristen King
    Kristen King, Executive Assistant to Lead Pastor

    Click here to e-mail  (kristenkingat1betheldotcom)  

  • Creative Arts and Communication
  • Teresa Patchin

    Teresa Patchin, Bible Fellowship Hour Administrator

    Click here to e-mail  (teresapatchinat1betheldotcom)  

  • Bruce Patten

    Bruce Patten, Audio Manager

    Click here to e-mail  (brucepattenat1betheldotcom)  

  • Beth Young, Logistics Administrator

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  • Facilities
  • Bob Brown

    Bob Brown, Facilities Manager

    Click here to e-mail  (bobbrownat1betheldotcom)  

  • Dave Barnett

    Dave Barnett, Facilities

    Click here to e-mail  (davebarnettat1betheldotcom)  

  • Wes Bennett

    Wes Bennett, Facilities

    Click here to e-mail  (wesbennettat1betheldotcom)  

  • Jim Miller

    Jim Miller, Facilities

  • Missy Duggan

    Missy Duggan, Housekeeping

    Click here to e-mail  (missydugganat1betheldotcom)  

  • Amber Reuter

    Amber Reuter, Housekeeping

  • Peyton Lynch

    Peyton Lynch,  Housekeeping

  • Kyle Duggan

    Kyle Duggan,  Housekeeping

  • Jacob

    Jake Farrell,  Housekeeping

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